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There is record of the use of Castor Oil and Castor Oil Packs in cultures all over the world including Ancient Egypt, Indian Ayurveda, the Mediterranean basin and China. The Castor Oil plant was given the name the Palm of Christ due to the shape of its leaves, and it is even mentioned throughout the bible as an anointing oil. Other names for Castor Oil include the divine oil and magical oil

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There are 5 main modalities of Castor Oil Packs

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Function of Digestion, Absorption and Elimination: Daily use of Castor Oil Packs may help you poo! One study in an old folks home showed that they were just as effective as conventional stool softeners/laxatives, but without negative side effects1. They may also improve smooth muscle function2 of the intestines, supporting better digestion, absorption and regulation of bowel movements.

Antioxidant Status: Castor Oil Packs may support levels of anti- aging antioxidants including glutathione3, vitamin E4 and nitric oxide5. These antioxidants help detox and cleanse toxic substances from the body. If you are doing any type of dietary cleanse, Castor Oil Packs are the best complimentary tools to enhance the results.

Inflammation Regulation: Castor Oil Packs may help calm down inflammation and reduce pain via the reduction of substance P, a chemical messenger in the body involved in the sensation of pain6. The main component of Castor Oil, ricinoleic acid, is similar in structure to prostaglandins in our bodies that reduce inflammation. Less core inflammation = less bloating!

Tension & Stress Reduction: When the soft, organic cotton of a Castor Oil Pack is applied to the body, it may stimulate sensory receptors in the skin that send a message via the somatovisceral reflexes to the organs of the body and the brain. The stimulus of a soft, pleasurable touch helps your body move from a stressed to relaxed state7 8 9. So, they may help you sleep better and stress less! Would you love that?

Host Microbial Balance: The microbiome is the community of organisms that live within our bodies. A variety of factors including a poor diet can throw off the balance of good bugs (probiotics) and the bad ones take over. They can produce a protective barrier called biofilm that makes it hard to banish them from the body. According to research done in periodontal medicine, Castor Oil is one of the only natural substances that’s able to aid breakdown of biofilm10 11 12.

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