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Jordan has been a Licensed Registered Dietitian (NC, MD, MT) for seven years with five years of clinical background and three and a half years in functional nutrition.  Jordan was born in a small town of Minnesota where she had ten years of a snow filled fun with summers on the lake.  Her family moved to Charlotte, NC and this is where she grew up playing softball every weekend.  Jordan went to college for Nutrition and Dietetics at East Carolina University, graduated summa cum laud and was accepted into the Didactic Program in Asheville, NC.  Following the completion of the didactic internship, where she completed all her clinical rotations, she passed her Registered Dietitian National board exam.


Jordan has a great love for the elderly and decided to take her knowledge and caring heart to work at a nursing home in Spartanburg, SC. She was then asked to cover another facility, and before the year was over was covering four facilities. Jordan decided to move back to Charlotte, NC to be closer to her family and focus on one facility.


However, she knew she was destine for more. She knew she wanted and could help more in a preventative way. Help individuals understand how their body, mind, and soul all work together to heal, but also how our lifestyle choices can so easily impact our health.  Jordan joined and completed a 13-month Functional Nutrition Practitioner and Mentorship Certification through Erin Holt Nutrition. This program provided her with extensive training and education on functional lab testing and analysis, gut brain connection, HPA axis, adrenal fatigue, and hormone health.


She has on-going goals to help individuals become more mindful of their health while strengthening each pillar of life, which is why she not only accepts 1:1 clients, but has also created her #1 program, Strengthen in Sixty, to help women all over be able to affordably and easily access her services.


Jordan pairs evidence-based research and functional testing (as needed) with supportive interventions to help women improve their health. She prides herself on her positive outlook and passion for emotional and physical healing. She works with women who struggle or are dealing with chronic fatigue, the unknowns of diet culture and yo-yo dieting, and hormone imbalance & GI issues.


In her spare time she loves creating nutrition content, hiking with her dog, Millie, and traveling any chance she can get! She enjoys traveling so much, she recently moved to Montana, where she is practicing and operating out of Kalispell. Get in touch with her today so you can learn about what she can do for you!

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