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Only the best, more pure and absorbable forms of tea! 

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Pique's Mission 

Effective: Our patented Cold Extraction Technology™ gently extracts and preserves active compounds and phytonutrients from our exquisite ingredients, distilling them into their most bioavailable and maximally effective form.

Pure: Clean, pure and minimal is the foundation of our formulations. All of our ingredients are carefully sourced and Triple Toxin Screened for purity and bioactivity.

Accessible: All of our products are designed with your busy schedules and distinguishing palates in mind. Enjoy unparalleled absorption and full-spectrum bioavailability with zero friction to your life.

[EMA]™ - Eastern Medicinal Architecture: Formulates according to Traditional Chinese Medicine and Ayurveda to synthesize ingredients where the whole is greater than the sum of its parts and each formula balances holistic body function.

Full-Spectrum Isolate Synthesis [F-SIS]™: Our approach is based on the simple philosophy that science and nature are inseparable in our new world, forming the yin and yang of advanced nutrition. Why? Our exposure to environmental toxins minute-to-minute is exponentially higher than our predecessors – UVA / UVB, emissions, food toxins and VOCs surround us. Their health effects are compounded by declining active ingredient density in food and water sources, observed as early as the 1920s, which has only deteriorated since. Ironically, our bodies are very bad at absorbing the isolated compounds of plants and minerals in the supplements needed to thrive in this new world, and very good at absorbing the inadequate concentrations of active ingredients present in whole foods.

Our solution?
Full-Spectrum Isolate Synthesis [F-SIS]TM which synthesizes the most bioactive isolates with best-in-class, whole food sources to deliver payloads of essential nutrients into your cells for enhanced absorption.


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