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Endocrine disruptors directly affect how you metabolize food, your thyroid health and sex and stress hormone health as they can mimic hormones, block hormones and their production and more. 

They can be naturally occurring or conventionally made and the most common culprits are found in BPA (plastic and receipts), dioxin (factory produced fish, dairy and eggs), phthalates (skincare products, plastic containers), perchlorate (water, fireworks), flame retardants (furniture, padding under carpet), lead, arsenic and mercury (old pain, water system), glycol ethers (cleaning product solvents, paint, perfumes, cosmetics), pesticides (fruits and vegetables), perflourinated chemicals (non-stick pans, plastic, water-proof).

Our liver is bombarded with hundreds of environmental, internal and lifestyle toxins on a daily basis, now throw in an average of 12 products and 168 harmful chemicals on our skin each day and see how you body starts to respond.  When the body is under significant and chronic stress our sympathetic state rises and stays chronically elevated. This is a system that is supposed to only rise for seconds or minutes when we are scared, under attack or have an infection. This is our fight or flight response. When we are under chronic stress, which yes can come from chronic use of synthetic, conventional chemicals in our cleaning and skincare products, we start to see a rise in blood sugar and with chronically elevated blood sugar we start to see a higher output of insulin.  This is our fat storage hormone and can lead to midsection weight gain or inability to lose weight, fertility complications and digestive distress.  We must control the controllable, so let's start with making the switch to cleaner beauty and skin care.

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