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Strengthen in Sixty

This program is great for individuals:


  • Who are struggling to see their worth within their body

  • Who are struggling with not knowing what to eat or how much to move their body (or which exercise is beneficial for them)

  • Who are unsure if they should be supplementing and with what

  • Maybe have some extra weight they are unable to lose

  • Feel they are doing all the “right” things but still don’t feel healthy or are actually gaining weight

  • Who have been under chronic stress, have poor sleep patterns &/or constipation

  • Aren’t sure how to navigate the wellness space and don’t know what to believe

  • Want guidance, action steps and accountability towards moving forward in their health journey


Strengthen in Sixty 1.0 

Want to learn how to manage your adrenals and reset your stress hormones in eight weeks?  I am consistently discussing the basis with my 1:1 clients, because we can't get to the root cause until we have addressed and supported our basic needs. Many people come see me with underlying blood sugar dysregulation, GI dysfunction and/or hormone imbalance. These imbalances are often caused by chronic or long term stressors to the body, so by addressing these throughout my eight-week program we are able to work on bringing our nervous system back to homeostasis and improving sleep, fatigue, stress management, bloating, constipation, eating and moving their body in ways that meet their needs, and so much more.

Our body's number one way to thrive is through making sure it feels safe.  In order for the body to feel safe we have to nourish it adequately and make sure we are instilling all the basics on a daily basis to regulate and calm our nervous system. 

Strengthen in Sixty is an 8-week program with self-study modules where you will learn everything to help manage your blood sugar and stress hormones through, food, sleep, stress, soul, movement, hormones, hydration and mindset.


These are the pillars to health and something I work with clients on often, so I thought why not make a program to help more people!

Strengthen in Sixty 2.0 

8-week adrenal reset program (see above) + DUTCH testing with video recorded analysis to review your lab test and provide you with individualized interventions and personalized protocols.

Since I am no longer doing functional lab analysis al la carte, SIS 2.0 will be the only place (besides working with me in my 3 month 1:1 Bliss Membership) where you can access m and a DUTCH test with a lab analysis while completing the course!

DUTCH is a dried urine test of comprehensive hormones where your urine samples are dried and sampled for metabolites, sex (DHEA, estrogen, testosterone, progesterone) and stress (cortisol) hormones as well as melatonin (sleep hormone), oxidate stress, some B vitamins, neurotransmitters, and more. 


Is the DUTCH test for me?


  • Chronic fatigue/low energy

  • Painful periods, PCOS, irregular periods, tender breast

  • Moodiness, irritability, aggression/anger, fear

  • Joint pain, inflammation

  • Trouble sleeping or difficulty falling asleep

  • Trouble conceiving

  • Midsection weight gain

  • Low sex drive or loss of libido

  • Depression/anxiety

  • Preventative care/baseline analysis

Srengthen in Sixty
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Next Launch Date: TBD

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